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Magneton Ruben Gerritz Signature Coronado Guitar
Magneton Guitars

In atomic physics, the Bohr magneton (symbol uB) is a physical constant and the natural unit to express the magnetic moment of an electron caused by either its orbital or spin angular momentum ... got it? 


Well, you probably picked up "the magnetic moment". That already sounds like a good title for your next album. And it's exactly what the pickup in the electric guitar does: it picks up the magnetic moment of the strings!


Andy Hidber has been an active guitarist for 30 years. In all those years, none of his guitars remained in their original condition. Whether it was Paulas, Strats, Teles, Gretsches or other cool guitars, there was always something that needed to be upgraded, usually pickups, electronics, hardware, etc. His experience in upgrading guitars eventually led him to build his own guitars from scratch to meet his own needs for good looking, great sounding, functional and concert ready instruments. 


Magneton Custom Shop Guitars is a small workshop, run by pure passion. All Instruments are handbuilt by Andy here at the Guitar Barn Oberwil – a 150 Year old carpentry – in Oberwil, near Basel, Switzerland.


Although there are always a few finished guitars and basses in the Guitar Barn showroom ready for a tryout, Andy would love to build the next guitar custom made for you, so feel free to contact him to discuss all possible options (shape, woods, colors and finishes, hardware, pickups, etc.) for your new dream guitar!