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Magneton Artists


Swiss Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist, Drummer, Engineer and Producer Giacun Schmid is a very versatile musical spirit. His ears are among Basel's first choice when it comes to producing great music that grooves and moves.


He has produced and recorded Albums and performed with Anna Aaron, Dänu Siegrist, Baum, Victor Hofstetter, Pyro, and many others. He also co-wrote LOAD's latest Single Black Knight Satellite.


Check out Giacun's Music:

Giacun's Solo Album "The World Behind Things" – on Spotify


Check out Giacun's Magneton Guitar:

Giacun's dreams of a beautiful, excellent sounding and versatile guitar came true with his personal vintage inspired custom made Magneton Mastercaster in Royal Gold.
Magneton Mastercaster Giacun Schmid

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