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Magneton Jazzbird  – Miro Rutscho
  • Magneton Jazzbird – Miro Rutscho

    Miro Rutscho is a swiss bass player, member of Dream Pilot and an accomplished session player. His signature Magneton Bass is an improved version of the Firebird Bass by Gibson.


    Original Firebirds from the big G are sure very cool looking instruments, but very head heavy, nearly unplayable and therefore not very popular. Chances are you see them appering in music videos but rarely on a real stage.


    Well, our version is very different: It's light and – most important – cleverly chambered, so that it's balance is perfect. The old stock 1-piece mahogany body is lightweight and very resonant and the roasted maple neck with stabilizing graphite rods adds very much to the excellent sustain – exactly what a virtous and stylisticly open minded player like Miro needed. 



    • Body & Neck

      Old stock (35years old) 1-piece mahogany body, chambered, transparent red nitro finish

      Scale length: 34" (866mm)
      Woods: Roasted maple neck with rosewood, graphite stiffening rods
      Nut width: 1-5/8" (41mm)
      Shape: standard P-Bass 
      Frets: stainless steel medium frets for modern playability and durability, Saddle: black graphtech saddle
      Finish: magneton special oil & wax finish

    • Hardware

      Gotoh lightweight bass tuners


      Wilkinson bridge with brass saddles

      Dusenberg BassBuckers, customized pickup covers

      2 x volume, 1 x tone

    • Accessories

      Soft case

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