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Magneton Magnacaster Baritone – Oxblood
  • Magneton Magnacaster Baritone – Oxblood

    A baritone guitar is a whole different animal and a great sonic asset for any recording musician. This is only one of the reasons why we were commissioned to build this long scale sixstring, another reason was the very specific tonal and visual idea of the musician, which we - as we always do with commissions - develop together with the eye and ear of the client

    This Baritone Magnacaster, in addition to its fantastic balance and playability, opens up completely new atmospheric sound dimensions and thus inspires the creation of a wealth of new songs.

    • Body & Neck

      Stratocaster shaped roasted alder body,
      oxblood metallic nitro lacquer

      baritone scale (28-5/8" = 727mm) quartersawn pau ferro neck and fretboard, stainless steel jumbo frets – matte nitro lacquered

    • Hardware & Electronics


      TV Jones Classic Filtertron set in HB Format

Bridge & Vibrato

      Tune-o-matic roller bridge, Bigsby B50 vibrato

      Hipshot staggered locking tuners

    • Accessories

      Magneton Hard Case

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