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Magneton Telenovela – Dieter and Leo
  • Magneton Telenovela – Dieter and Leo

    In the hazy summer of 1959, amidst the sun-kissed streets of California, a clandestine meeting was set to unfold between two titans of design and innovation: Dieter Rams, the visionary German industrial designer, and Leo Fender, the mastermind behind the iconic Telecaster guitar.


    Dieter Rams, renowned for his sleek and minimalist designs at Braun, harbored a secret passion for music, particularly the electric guitar. Unknown to many, Rams possessed a hidden talent - he was an avid guitarist, his fingers dancing effortlessly across the frets in the quiet hours of the night.


    Driven by his love of design and music, Rams embarked on a journey to California to visit the famous Leo Fender factory. Leo Fender was surprised and intrigued by the unexpected visit from the eminent designer. Exchanging pleasantries, Rams could not suppress his enthusiasm and spoke of his passion for the electric guitar and his desire to develop a unique instrument for himself.


    Intrigued by Rams' proposal, Fender gladly accepted the challenge. Together, they delved into the intricacies of design, combining Rams' expertise in industrial aesthetics with Fender's profound knowledge of building electric stringed instruments. Rams had a clear goal: His guitar had to be as simple, intuitive, and inspiring as possible – and in his case, understandable – to match his own visual language of forms.


    As fictional as this story is, the idea that the two had met would be inspiring. That's why we invented it – so that you can invent your music on it. Here it is, our vision of Leo's Tele for Rams. 

    • Body & Neck

      2-piece lightweight Basswood
      Fully custom made and handrubbed brass pickguard

      Scale length: 25" (648mm)
      Woods: roasted quartersawn maple neck
      Nut width: 1-11/16" (43mm)
      Shape: 59 round C
      Frets: Stainless steel Dunlop 6105 medium frets for modern playability and durability
      Saddle: Black Graphtech saddle
      Finish: nitro

    • Hardware & Electronics

      Staple P90, high output single coil

      Fixed bridge with individual brass saddles

      1 x volume, 1 x tone

      Vintage tuners with cream buttons

    • Accessories

      Your choice of either a Magneton Hard Case (Gator) or a Fusion Bag (Urban Series) or save CHF 100 by local pickup.

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